Donald Trump

  • Trump and the Puritans

    by Martyn Whittock

    No one would ever call Donald Trump a Puritan. But the 17th century religious movement is a foundation of Trump's America.

  • Trump Keeps Taking Pages From Joe McCarthy’s Playbook

    by Larry Tye

    Anyone hoping the recency of Trump's conversion to Republicanism and conservatism might allow him to govern productively with Democrats should heed the example of Joseph McCarthy, who similary rebranded himself a conservative. Neither moderated because their political survival depended on extremism.

  • Two Studies in Folly a Century Apart

    by Walter G. Moss

    The example of General Douglas Haig, whose disastrous decisions in World War I caused needless death, should be a cautionary example to our "war president" in battling the Coronavirus.   

  • Trump and Lincoln Are Opposite Kinds of Presidents

    When historians rank the worst presidents in American history, indecision and inaction in the face of crisis are common attributes. Until now, most of the worst served before or after the Civil War.

  • Could Trump Go the Way of Herbert Hoover?

    Will the ignominious political fate of Herbert Hoover await Donald Trump when voters deliver a verdict on his tumultuous presidency in November?