Roundup Top Ten for March 6, 2020

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The Problem with Women's History Month in 2020

by Kimberly A. Hamlin

As we honor the ongoing work of women to gain equal citizenship, it is time to integrate women’s stories more fully into our national narratives and civic memories.


Democratic Socialism All Around: What Bernie Sanders’ New York Can Teach Us about America’s Future

by Joshua Freeman

Mid-20th-century New York had serious flaws. But it stands as an example of what can be done when the power of government is combined with a capacious vision of human rights, equality, and democracy. 


What Can the Black Death Tell us About The Global Economic Consequences of a Pandemic

by Adrian R. Bell, Andrew Prescott, and Helen Lacey

There will be winners and losers economically as the current public health emergency plays out.


What Shirley Chisholm Can Teach 2020 Candidates as They Exit 

by Anastasia Curwood

Chisholm wanted to show the power of new voices in the Democratic Party: women, African Americans, the poor and youth, and to challenge the authority of conservative Southern white Democrats at the Democratic National Convention.


Little Women: Greta Gerwig’s Love Letter to the 19th-Century Novel 

by Christine Jacobson

It’s thrilling to see the historic Roberts Brothers publishing house richly imagined in the film’s first scene and to watch Jo spar with her editor over the rights to her novel and its ending.


Pennies and Nickels Add Up to Success: Black Banking Pioneer Maggie Lena Walker

by Crystal M. Moten

Maggie Lena Walker was one of the most important Black businesswomen in the nation, and today too few people have heard of her.


What the Plague Can Teach Us about the Coronavirus

by Hannah Marcus

The distant past is not our best source of advice for pathogen containment. But it does offer clear lessons about human responses to outbreaks of infectious disease.


Onward, Christian Soldiers: The Triumph of Christian Nationalism

by David Austin Walsh

The Christian Right wields wide-ranging political power in contemporary America. We live in the country that the movement has created.


Can 50 Years of Minimizing Nuclear Proliferation Continue?

by Ivo H. Daalder

The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty has mostly succeeded in keeping more countries out of the nuclear club. But as U.S. alliances fray, its future success is not assured.


On Behalf of All 'Future Historians,’ Leave Us Out of Your Brexit Rants

by Charlotte Lydia Riley

The people who invoke historians of the future are less keen on listening to actually existing historians today.


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